3 ways the rock-solid handheld X-MET XRF analyzer delivers rapid ROI

Meeting regulations, controlling quality, sorting scrap, conducting safety inspection, verifying precious metals, screening soil for contamination …even conducting archaeometry and detecting art fakes. The list of objectives our star handheld XRF analyzer helps organizations meet is pretty long.

As well as convenient, fast analysis and accurate results, many of the thousands of X-MET users have discovered that the rock-solid X-MET pays for itself in a pretty short time.

Here’s few of the ways that investing in the X-MET handheld XRF analyzer can actually save you money.

1. Reduces costs of routine third-party testing
Many companies need to verify the composition of raw materials and /or finished goods and if there’s no reliable way of measuring this in-house, they use an external lab. But this service is not cheap, and if you have a lot of components that need analysis, external lab testing can significantly eat into your profits.

Our client, Rubie’s Costume Company, were in exactly this position. As a manufacturer and supplier of costumes, they need to adhere to health and safety legislation and check for hazardous materials, such as lead and cadmium, in their products before shipping. They have a diverse range of products, which means testing thousands of items per year. Bringing testing in-house with the X-MET gave them an immediate result and reduced lab costs:
The X-MET has cut the need for lab analysis by about one quarter which saves our company over $250,000/£190,000 per year in lab costs.”

In Rubie’s Costume’s case, the ROI for the X-MET is huge; the analyzer pays for itself more than ten times over every year.


2. Meets customer requirements while maintaining profit margins
For some of our clients, the need for testing is customer driven rather than a statutory requirement. This is the case for Powell Valves, who produce specialist parts for demanding, corrosive, high pressure environments. For their most critical components, the raw material grade must be established before entering production, and sometimes the finished valves must be verified too. This ongoing need for positive materials identification would cost Powell Valves a lot of money if they were to bring in a consultant or use an external company. Instead, they use the X-MET which reduces testing costs and keeps the possibility of material mix-up at a minimum.

“On critical orders we have a certain number of customers that require us to do a PMI inspection and supply them with a materials report. If we had to send this work out or bring a consultant to do this inspection, it would add a minimum of $10,000 USD dollars annually.”


3. Reducing rework and scrap
You don’t have to be paying for external testing to get rapid ROI from the X-MET though. The instrument can significantly reduce rework and scrap when used to determine quality throughout a production process. From verifying incoming material onwards, the earlier in the process that problems can be identified, the lower the cost of poor quality.

For example, we have a client in the US who manufactures appliances. They use the X-MET to measure the thickness of coatings applied to their products. This allows them to remove any out of spec parts from their production before wasting any more time or materials.

“By avoiding costly mistakes when producing stove tops that are coated outside of specification, we’ve recouped the X-MET’s cost in as little as seven ten-hour shifts.

Delivering more than just value

Other features of the X-MET8000 include long battery life, ease of use with intuitive software, results accuracy and simplified data management. These practicalities make it easier to recoup the initial investment. As the Managing Director of SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH India put it:

Its so good in the last 3 years the instrument has paid for itself.”


Ready to try out the X-MET8000?

To find out more about the capability of the X-MET8000 and how it may save you money, get in touch to arrange a demo.

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Date: 26 August 2020

Author: Hanna Heinonen, Product Specialist, Handheld XRF and LIBS

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