Material Analysis Solutions for Automotive Industry

Safety, reliability and reducing environmental impact play important roles in the automotive industry. That’s why material composition analysis is not a nice to have but a must, regardless of the vehicle or component being manufactured.
As the automotive industry continues to evolve with the transition into electric, fuel cell, hybrid-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle manufacturing, the role of quality continues to be as important as ever.

We can help to accelerate your material testing programs whether you are an automotive OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or part of the supply chain. Our solutions help to ensure compliance with OEM testing specifications, national and international standards.

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Our essential guide for materials analysis in the automotive sector – learn about our experts’ thoughts on the latest trends and how our solutions can help to solve your challenges today and also in the future.

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We have a range of on-demand webinars covering materials analysis solutions for the automotive industry for both OEMs and the supply chain to watch at a time that suits you.

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Expert discussion

Watch Hitachi’s experts Johannes Eschenahauer and Dr. Robert Steffen talk about the role of the EA8000 X-ray particle analyzer and SEM in Li-ion battery production to reduce defects in manufacturing and increase yield.

Delivering total automotive materials testing solutions

Metals and Alloys

Evaluation of new metal alloys, verification incoming goods, quality control throughout the manufacturing process, and defect and failure cause analysis.

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Melt Control

Speed up the production process and reduce tap-to-tap time by ensuring the right melt chemistry.

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Electronics and Semiconductors

Consistent and accurate coatings in miniaturized electronics including PCBs and semi-conductor wafers.

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Polymers, Plastics and Composites

Material verification, thermal behavior characterization and compositional measurements for manufacturing process and quality control, recycling and research.

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Catalytic Converters

Verify content of Platinum Group Metals (PGM) and honey-comb core composition.

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Fluids and Lubricants

Check levels of additives in lubricants and meet stringent fuel specifications for sulfur and metals content.

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Batteries and Fuel Cells

Raw material testing, process control and failure analysis for Lithium-ion batteries and hydrogen fuel cells.

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Metal Finishing and Plating

Ensure consistent thickness and composition, identify imperfections and deviations which could impact reliability and longevity.

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Paints and Adhesives

Ensure consistent coating thickness to verify decorative finishes and corrosion-, temperature- and wear-resistant coatings meet quality requirements.

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Phthalate screening and hazardous substance detection to meet current directives, such as RoHS, ELV, EN71 and halogen-free.

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Scrap Recycling

Scrap metal sorting, alloy identification and chemistry to help make quick decisions and adapting to changing market conditions to maximize profit.

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Tyres and rubber

Measure sulfur vulcanization of rubber and fillers, copper plated iron coatings of belting, and check feedstock and final products in re-processed elastomers.

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