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Complete range of spark spectrometers for process control

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Speed up the production process and reduce tap-to-tap time

Hitachi High-Tech offers a range of spark spectrometers that ensure the right melt chemistry


Our analyzers are fast. With very short start-up and measurement time and low maintenance spark stand we save you time and money.


We understand our analyzers need to work where the metal is – so we’ve designed our analyzers to be tough, durable and built to last.


Our analyzers feature reliable, rigorously-tested and efficient technology – to ensure that over time, your overall costs are lower.


High analytical performance from powerful patented optics and extensive manufacturing efforts made in Germany.


If you are looking for high performance at low price and compact size, the FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart is the ideal solution.

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The FM EXPERT provides all of the benefits the FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart has but with one important difference: nitrogen analysis.

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OE Series

The OE series makes high performance metals analysis affordable thanks to groundbreaking technology. For fast, comprehensive quality control in a single instrument.

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Watch our OE750 demo for oxygen in copper analysis

Other analytical tools

We also offer a broad range of analytical tools designed specifically for metal production. With Hitachi not only can you optimize your melt but also ensure quality throughout your entire process.

Portable/Mobile OES analyzer

Portable/Mobile OES analyzers that give the accuracy required for selecting scrap and for final specification when verifying low alloy steels or light elements

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This handheld laser analyzer range is perfect for rapid alloy identification and sorting high volumes of scrap.

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This handheld XRF analyzer offers NDT testing for scrap sorting and verification of ferro alloys, circulation material analysis, and other materials for melt correction, and finished steel components

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Thermal Analysis

We offer a range of thermal analysis instruments for the analysis of cast iron (melting temperature, composition studies, thermal expansion and more). Choose between DSC, STA (TGA/DTA/DSC), TMA & DMA.

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Our Guides

Guide: Cast iron melt control with OES

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Guide: Non-ferrous casting melt control with OES

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Guide: Search for true values                                 

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Guide: Why choose spark OES for metal additive manufacturing

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Superior metals analysis without compromise

Seamless quality control is essential throughout the metals industry, from trace element analysis in scrap metal, to incoming materials inspection, melt process control and goods issue.

The Hitachi optical emission spectrometer are metals analyzers engineered to deliver superior analysis at every stage, without compromising your productivity. Thanks to their near constant availability and high resolution dynamic detector you can get detailed results quicker, minimizing production downtime and costly errors.

Our stationary spark spectrometers feature a unique spark stand, accessible from three sides, which is ideal for samples with complex and irregular shapes and sizes.

The largest metals database for fast and easy grade identification is preinstalled.

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