Launch of an android app for Vulcan and X-MET8000 analysers

We’ve launched the LiveConnect Android app for our handheld Vulcan laser and XRF X-MET range analyser customers.

Those using an Android mobile phone can now download the app from the Google Play Store to benefit from:

  • Sharing results instantly in an e-mail, text message or through WhatsApp
  • Upload results to LiveConnect cloud data management and storage service
  • Attach phone camera photos to measurement results
  • Print reports, labels etc. with a network printer

Our OiConnect service has also been re-named to LiveConnect. You’ll get the same cloud-service, just under a different name whether online or using the Apple app.

Need help or have any questions? Contact one of our service hubs who offer a full range of technical support to keep you up and running.

Download from the Google Play Store

Date: 6 November 2017

Author: Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science


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