Thermal analysis instruments for materials characterization

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Thermal analysis and calorimetry are an essential part of today’s research and development and quality control for many industries, including polymer, pharmaceutical, food, electronics, ceramics and metals. Complex products for demanding applications mean that component materials need full characterization to ensure they meet specification.

Our range of thermal analyzers have an unsurpassed level of baseline stability, world-class sensitivity and advanced capabilities to give you the complete picture of thermal behavior. They are optimized to detect minute changes within a wide range of materials, whether you are measuring thermal expansion, thermal decomposition, specific heat capacity or determining the glass transition of polymers.

Ultimately, Hitachi thermal analyzers give you results you can trust, even in a development environment, with robust, sturdy instruments that deliver the reliability you need to keep up and running.

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NEXTA DSC600 & NEXTA DSC200 for high accuracy materials characterization

Designed for accurate determination of melting point, glass transition and crystallization temperatures, our range of differential scanning calorimeters deliver excellent sensitivity and baseline flatness. The NEXTA DSC200 is ideal for a wide range of applications, whereas the NEXTA DSC600 is an advanced DSC instrument and is particularly suited to applied research.


NEXTA STA for comprehensive materials verification and thermal characterization

Hitachi NEXTA STA (simultaneous thermogravimetric analyzer) measures DSC (differential scanning calorimetry) and TGA (thermogravimetric analysis) simultaneously in a single instrument. TGA baseline drift and stability of less than 10µg, with innovative furnace and balance design, deliver ultimate precision and accuracy, even when measuring trace amounts of materials.


DMA7100 for high performance viscoelastic analysis

Engineered for ultra-low noise and high sensitivity, our dynamic mechanical analyzer range delivers high performance viscoelastic measurements of materials. Ideal for production and research of polymers, rubber and film materials, the DMA7100 includes intuitive software that aids interpreting DMA results and is delivered with extensive functionality.


TMA range for materials deformation analysis

With a wide temperature range, options for multiple furnaces and adaptable software, Hitachi’s range of TMA instruments deliver precise results for the thermal expansion and shrinking of materials. A complete range of modules are included with the instrument, making specialized analysis easy, such as creep measurements and softening point determination of thin laminated layers.

Why choose a Hitachi Thermal Analyzer?

Today’s advanced materials development and production requires an instrument that will detect the tiniest of changes. The advanced technology within our instruments, together with software that includes all modules as standard, gives you a powerful thermal analyzer that has the capability to expand into new applications.

• World-class baseline performance, giving excellent accuracy and precision, even on trace amounts of material.

• Durable and reliable instruments that are capable of high-volume use within a lab or production environment.

• Features like dual cooling and minimal liquid nitrogen use helps to keep operating costs down.

• Intuitive software with guidance functions means that even inexperienced operators find Hitachi instruments easy to use and get reliable results.

• Additional options like our unique RealView sample viewing system supports in-depth materials development and troubleshooting.

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