PHMSA “Mega Rule”

How to comply with mobile OES

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Since July 1 2020, pipeline operators in the USA must routinely check the condition of pipes, valves and flanges. The checks will rely heavily on positive material identification (PMI) principles.

To comply, you need to be able to perform a comprehensive and reliable analysis of steels and calculate the carbon equivalence (CE) accurately. To do this, you need accurate analysis of S, P, Ni, Cr, Mn, Si, Ti and V, as well as ability to analyze refractory elements, which are typically very challenging for LIBS due to high hardness and melting points: Mo, Nb, TA, Hf and W. There’s also a growing interest in low concentration of B in steels below 10ppm.

Why choose the PMI-MASTER Smart?

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Inspection doesn't have to be a time-consuming process. Fast start up and analysis time minimize disruption and downtime. 


For analysis of important elements like carbon, nitrogen and boron to grade ID and elemental composition. 


Our analyzers work wherever you need them to. Designed for long-term use in the most demanding of environments. 


Cloud-based data management tools allow you to generate, store and share inspection data in real-time. 

NEW: Ultimate Guide – LIBS vs OES

Download our new ultimate technology comparison guide where our experts go through the benefits of LIBS and OES technology, share data comparison results and guide you to making the right decision because you only get one chance to get it right.


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When getting it right is safety critical

You need an analyzer that can work quickly and accurately wherever you need it to. Hitachi High-Tech’s PMI analyzers give you precise and reliable analysis even in the most demanding of environments.

Whether you need a compliance solution or want to add efficiency to your processes, the Hitachi High-Tech PMI analyzer range can meet your needs:

| Meeting relevant standards and regulations

| Assessing critical process components before and after installation

| Keeping sites safe and compliant

| Storing, analyzing and sharing inspection data

Contact us to explore the Hitachi High-Tech PMI inspection analyzers.

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