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When you need to control costs AND get superior performance, the LAB-X won’t let you down.

Introducing the LAB-X5000 XRF analyzer with selectable helium purge

Use helium for enhanced performance when you need it. Keep it off when you don’t. 

You get the sensitivity you need for accurate analysis of elements like Mg and Na, while keeping helium costs under control. And the LAB-X5000 is one of the most reliable and durable benchtop analyzers available, supporting your production round the clock.

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Every shift. Every test. Every time

If you’re running a high-throughput production facility where the composition of every batch must be verified, take a closer look at the LAB-X5000.

Why the LAB-X5000 is perfect for cement, mineral and lube oil quality control 


The LAB-X for cement and minerals

  • Rugged design for 24/7 use on-site at cement works and mineral extraction facilities.
  • Fast analysis of raw materials, intermediate products (i.e. clinker) and finished cement.
  • Delivered pre-configured for cement and minerals analysis.
  • Measures all key elements in minerals and cement.
  • Meets the precision requirements of ASTM C114 (XRF analysis of hydraulic cement).




The LAB-X for lube oil

  • Designed for high-throughput lube oil blending facilities to verify composition of every batch.
  • Delivers results you can trust with automatic correction for oil matrix variations.
  • Measures a wide range of elements found in lube oil, including magnesium (Mg).
  • Supplied with optimized parameters for lubricating oil analysis.
  • Complies with ASTM D6481* and D7751.

*D6481 applies to analysers with proportional counter detectors. The LAB-X includes the latest detector technology to meet and surpass D6481 performance.

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Terms & Conditions

When you need to control costs AND get superior performance, the LAB-X won’t let you down.


Few consumables are needed. Built-in atmospheric variation compensation means most analyzes can be done in air path without compromising on results stability. Helium is only used when strictly necessary, keeping costs down.


Built-in quality control and superior detection technology make the LAB-X reliably accurate for every measurement, even at low detection levels.


Designed for laboratories, production environments and mobile operations, the LAB-X includes field-proven components and built-in features that protect the analyzer’s critical components for maximum uptime.


Short analysis time and simple operation mean you get results in minutes, or even seconds, helping you keep crucial production processes under control.