The New FT160

Advanced microspot and ultra-thin coatings analyzer for tomorrow’s miniaturized electronics

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Fast, accurate analysis of nanoscale coatings

The FT160 helps you maintain consistent and accurate coatings on PCBs, semiconductor wafers and micro-connectors, measuring the smallest features with accuracy and reliability.


Designed for microspot and ultra-thin coatings analysis, the FT160’s optics and detector technology are optimized for the smallest of features.


Do more with the FT160:

High intensity X-ray – At the core of the instrument is a new polycapillary optic system with a 30 μm beam ideal for minute semiconductor patterns and ultra-small components.

High sensitivity SDD detector – This high-performance unit doubles the count rate, boosting productivity.

HD camera – Improved resolution of the observation camera – with 16x digital zoom – makes semiconductor and PCB surfaces easy to see and simple to navigate.

Smart controller software – The FT160 can be programmed to find measurement locations automatically, based on shape and pattern, increasing throughput and accuracy.



Your chance to (virtually) meet the FT160 

Want to see how the FT160 would slot into your production? Now you can download the AR app to see the FT160 in situ and explore its features in detail using your phone or tablet.


The precision of the positioning stage and polycapillary X-ray optic mean you can measure nm-scale coatings on features smaller than 50 µm.


The new high intensity polycapillary optic and improved SDD detector inside the FT160 help double the instrument’s throughput compared to conventional devices.


Loading and removing parts is easy, thanks to the large door, while a big sample table accommodates components in a wide range of shapes and sizes.


The robust chassis has been designed and tested for a long life in a challenging production or laboratory environment.

Whitepaper: Optimizing XRF for micro-scale packaging

Download our detailed guide for more information on measuring very small features in electronic components with the help of XRF.

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The perfect analyzer for today’s electronics manufacturers

The powerful features in the FT160 make it the ideal choice for labs with a busy workload where accuracy, versatility and efficiency are essential to maintain workflow.

The FT160 offers:

| Polycapillary optics and a high sensitivity SDD detector for superior accuracy.

| Measurement of features smaller than 50 µm.

| Fast results and simplicity of use to support high throughput.

| A large door and stage for rapid sample setup.

| A large sample observation window to enable test viewing.

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