How much time could you be saving on your connector coatings analysis?

As the electronics, transportation and medical industries move toward 100% inspection to ensure products meet their expected lifetime, increased quality control and quality assurance testing of connector plating is anticipated.

In order to improve your test program, the right equipment is needed so that you can find a balance how much time operators will spend working the production line and how much time they spend taking measurements with the XRF.

Find out how much time savings you could be achieving by answering a few quick questions.

Can you see all the points you want to measure in a single camera view?

Learn how to improve your connector coatings analysis

There’s a fine balance between ensuring quality with XRF analysis and meeting demanding delivery deadlines. The right XRF instrument makes all the difference. If you want to achieve time savings in your analysis program, download our new application guide: Analysis of connector coatings, in which we provide more information on analyzers for connector coatings, and how XRF technology can speed up connector measurements and support quality control.



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