In uncertain times, it’s reasonable to be hesitant about new investments.

However, there’s also now an increased need to build in assurance, certainty and risk reduction throughout the supply chain to reduce your business exposure. We can help you achieve the level of control you need at each stage of your production without the need to shop around.

Ask yourself: do you need fast, portable metal composition analysis in order to make immediate decisions? Do you also need to measure trace elements down to low detection limits as part of your quality routine? No one instrument does both, so why choose?

We’ve put together our recommended full solution package for foundries and metal producers; our two most frequently bought products. And to support you when you build your quality control toolbox with Hitachi, we’re even offering a special package price too* because we want to help you continue to produce high-quality products for your customers cost-effectively.

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Our recommendation:

X-MET8000 Optimum Handheld XRF

Use for incoming scrap, circulation material, other materials for melt correction, and outgoing goods analysis

OE750 spark OES

Use for high demand melt chemistry and control in a foundry or metal production facility

X-MET8000 Optimum Handheld XRF
  • Quick, non-destructive analysis in seconds
  • Accurate chemistry and grade analysis
  • Portable with full day battery life
  • Benefit from advanced data management with ExTOPE Connect
  • GRADE Database as an optional extra
  • 3-year warranty as standard
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OE750 spark OES
  • Ground-breaking new spark OES covering all elements at low detection limits for complete metals analysis
  • Identify tramp, trace and treatment elements at low detection limits
  • Benefit from advanced data management with ExTOPE Connect
  • GRADE Database included
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