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How to choose the right analyzer for you

When it comes to choosing or upgrading an analyzer for PMI, you should evaluate your options so that you’re prepared for the future. With new technologies like LIBS (laser induced breakdown spectroscopy) emerging, it’s always good to make sure that you're getting an analyzer fit for purpose.

Choosing a LIBS analyzer over your trusted handheld XRF might save you money, and also brings you instant productivity gains so that you can get through a batch of 500 items in no time.

Here’s a quick comparison of a handheld LIBS analyzer vs a handheld XRF:

When to choose
Handheld LIBS
Handheld XRF
Incoming material inspection, inventory checks
Verify and assure quality of end product
Large amounts of samples (100% PMI)
Final inspection of finished goods (non-destructive testing)
Measure small and odd shaped parts easily by holding them in your hand, no stands or shields needed
Large amounts of samples (100% PMI)
No radiation source, significantly reduced costs and hassle with certificates, permissions and training vs XRF
Measure small and odd shaped parts using a stand or shield
Low cost of ownership
Includes a radiation source, will have country specific training and certification requirements
Low cost of ownership
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