Because you only get one chance to get it right

A complete range of PMI analyzers for safety inspection.

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100% Positive Material Identification for total compliance 

Whatever the operation, whatever the environment, with Hitachi High-Tech's range of PMI testers you'll get it right first time, every time. 


PMI Inspection doesn't have to be a time-consuming process. Fast start up and analysis time minimize disruption and downtime. 


For analysis of important elements like carbon, nitrogen and boron to grade ID and elemental composition. 


Our analyzers work wherever you need them to. Designed for long-term use in the most demanding of environments. 


Cloud-based data management tools allow you to generate, store and share inspection data in real-time. 


The only truly portable, high performance OES analyzer on the market. Accurately analyze elements at the lowest limits of detection, such as phosphorous, sulphur, boron and carbon. Capable of measuring the carbon content across different steel grades and the nitrogen content of duplex steels, the PMI-MASTER Smart’s fast start-up times mean minimal disruption and downtime.

XRF - X-MET8000

This non-destructive handheld XRF analyzer allows for easy inspection of components and systems, no matter where they are. The X-MET8000 can measure a wide range of elements and concentrations in many different materials, including metal alloys. An optional small-spot collimator can be used to isolate specific features (e.g. welds) and measure them accurately.

LIBS - Vulcan

One of the fastest handheld metals LIBS analyzers available in the world, the Vulcan identifies a wide range of alloys including stainless steels, low alloy steels, nickel and aluminium alloys (and lots lots more) in just a single second. There are no X-rays as it uses a focused laser pulse to hit the sample surface, removing a tiny amount of material for analysis to take place.

Ultimate Guide: LIBS vs OES

Helping you make the right choice.

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Guide: Saving lives, increasing productivity 

As technologies used for analysis solutions evolve, we look at how industrial analyzers used for PMI are helping companies transform plant process safety.

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Because You Only Get One Chance To Get It Right

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ExTOPE Connect

Boost your operational efficiency with state of the art data management.

ExTOPE connect is an advanced data management and storage service that allows you to store your results safely, share data instantly and access the data in real time from any computer.

Achieve greater efficiency in the field or production site when using Hitachi High-Tech’s Vulcan or X-MET analyzers.

Customer Stories

In their words - PTS TQM

In their words: IWT Solutions AG

Technical interview with Professor Langenberg – developing new guidelines for component safety

When getting it right is safety critical

You need an analyzer that can work quickly and accurately wherever you need it to. Hitachi High-Tech’s PMI analyzers give you precise and reliable analysis even in the most demanding of environments.

Whether you need a compliance solution or want to add efficiency to your processes, the Hitachi High-Tech PMI analyzer range can meet your needs:

| Meeting relevant standards and regulations

| Assessing critical process components before and after installation

| Keeping sites safe and compliant

| Storing, analyzing and sharing inspection data

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