Raw Materials

Whether your raw material comes from mining or scrap metal, meeting customer specification is vital. Our range of handheld analyzers enable effective sorting, grade control, grade ID/verification, and tramp element analysis.

Watch the X-MET8000 being used for mining

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Metal Production

Quality control can be a challenge during metal production. Master every melt, reduce tap to tap time, and achieve accurate metal analysis with our range of optical emission spectrometers. From verification of incoming materials to quality control before shipment, our portable and mobile analyzers help you avoid material mix-up and maintain visibility and quality over your operation.

non ferrous melt control

Download our guide for non-ferrous casting melt control with OES

cast iron melt control

Download our guide for cast iron melt control with OES

Watch Ninh Binh explain why the FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart is the ideal solution for their foundry

See how our mobile OES range can help with quality control before shipment

See how our OE series could help you


Ensuring quality during the fabrication process helps you meet compliance and cost pressures. Our range of metal analyzers enable you to verify and test the elemental composition of materials entering the process, to avoid the cost and waste of re-work. QA/QC checks when components are finished provides reassurance your products meet specification.

Webinar - How to conform with norms & regulations using material analysis equipment

Webinar - Using Vulcan Smart+ to identify alloys for PMI QC

Metals analysis pdf

Guide - Metal Analysis - Five things that could figure in your future 

Video - Handheld LIBS analyser, Vulcan for QA/QC analysis

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Product manufacturing

Take control of your processes and make sure products are made of quality parts and exactly the right composition. Our range of material analyzers help you ensure quality and consistency in the product manufacturing stage. This includes incoming inspection, verifying component material, warehouse management, and non-destructive regulatory compliance screening (RoSH).

Key to metal products

Video - XRF Analyzers for Metal Finishing

Understanding your XRF

Guide - Understanding your XRF: A guide for electronics plating

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Our Customer Stories - Bunting-Redditch

Handheld XRF analyser X-MET8000 for quality control & assurance

Webinar - Understand how complimentary material analysis techniques can help improve quality

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