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Our presentation has some answers that can help with the practical application of X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) in semiconductor packaging  

The presentation covers:

  • XRF principles, and how XRF can be adopted to measure components down to the nanometer range.
  • Levels of precision for specific plating types, including: Electroless Ni, Au, Al and Ti plating and under bump metallurgy (UBM).
  • Why XRF is easier and faster for the measurement of practical elements, covering from sample holders to what lighting.
  • The affects of measurement time on the precision of results.


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Compare the FT150 and EA6000VX

  • High Resolution SDD
  • Element range : Al-U
  • Chamber design : closed
  • XY stage options : motorised, wafer
  • Largest sample : 600 x 600 x 20 mm
  • Filters : 1 or 3
  • Polycapillary < 20 µm
  • XRF Controller
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  • High resolution SDD
  • Element range : Mg - U (Na - U when using helium purge)
  • Chamber design : closed
  • XY stage options : motorised
  • Largest sample : 270 x 220 x 150 mm
  • Maximum number of collimators : 4
  • Filters : 6 mode automatic switching
  • Smallest collimator : 0.2mm
  • X-ray Station & Mapping Station software
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