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Fast analysis of minerals and cement across the manufacturing chain with the LAB–X5000

High performance analysis of lubricating oil with the LAB-X5000

Introduction to statistics for spectroscopy

Monitoring Catalyst Concentration in Purified Terephthalic Acid Production

Hitachi OES analysers: developed, designed and made in Germany

OES spectroscopy is the gold standard of qualitative compositional analysis.

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Airline emissions cuts will create new opportunities for plated components in aerospace

Is your metal finishing business ready? Demand for plating on plastic set to increase over the next five years

When not having an analyser for incoming inspection cost $700 million and years of scientific research – here’s how to avoid it happening to you

Case Study: Jansen, FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2 in recycling

Identify aluminium-lithium alloys in a second with the new Vulcan Optimum+ handheld LIBS analyser