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PMI-MASTER Smart facilitates EGAT's strict material inspection checks

The portability, stability and mobility makes the PMI-MASTER Smart superior…

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Conforming to IPC-4556 with XRF

X-MET8000 series for the rapid and cost-effective analysis of milk powders

Hitachi High-Tech’s latest handheld XRF analyser, the X-MET8000, is a cost-effective,…

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Take advantage of the Section 179 Tax break to buy your XRF, OES or LIBS equipment

If you are a small to medium business owner in the U.S., there has never…

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Why you need an OES analyser in a process plant environment

When 100% PMI (positive material identification) is a requirement, it doesn’t…

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Application Note: X-STRATA920 Analysis of chrome coatings

The X-Strata920 offers rapid and accurate, non-destructive analysis of…

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Application Note: X-MET8000 analysis of wood

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is a proven, nondestructive technique that provides…

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X-MET8000 helps the Ningbo Museum restore and verify artifacts

Hitachi High-Tech’s X-MET8000 analyser range is often used in the identification,…

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The role of PMI analysers for inspection

When getting it right is safety critical - you need an analyser you can…

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Fast and accurate PMI analysis – No more excuses

Ensuring that safety critical components are working properly, and remain…

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